Package net.kano.joscar.snac

Provides a high-level interface for using SNACs over a FLAP connection.


Interface Summary
OutgoingSnacRequestListener An interface for listening for events related to sending outgoing SNAC requests.
SnacCmdFactory Provides an interface for generating SnacCommands from SnacPackets.
SnacPacketListener Provides an interface for listening for incoming SNAC packets on a SNAC processor.
SnacPreprocessor Provides an interface for "preprocessing" a SNAC packet before it is formally processed.
SnacQueueManager An interface for managing a "SNAC queue," which controls when individual SNAC commands are sent on a ClientSnacProcessor.
SnacRequestListener An interface for listening for both incoming and outgoing events related to a specific SnacRequest.
SnacResponseListener An interface for listening for responses to SNAC requests.
VetoableSnacPacketListener Provides an interface for processing and intercepting SNAC packets received on a SNAC processor, optionally halting further processing of any given packet.

Class Summary
AbstractSnacProcessor Provides an easy interface to listening for incoming SNAC packets as well as sending SNAC commands over a FLAP connection.
ClientSnacProcessor A client-side SNAC processor.
CmdFactoryMgr Provides a central means of producing SnacCommands from SnacPackets by merging a "default factory list" with the factories registered by the user of SNAC processor in a logical manner.
CmdType Represents a single SNAC command type, or a group of all SNAC command types in a single family, or all SNAC commands.
DefaultSnacCmdFactoryList A class created to make creating SnacCmdFactoryLists a bit simpler.
FamilyVersionPreprocessor A SNAC preprocessor to filter out some recent strangeness in the protocol.
ImmediateSnacQueueManager A SNAC queue manager that sends all SNACs immediately, only queueing SNACs during a pause.
MutableSnacPacket Provides an interface for modifying the contents of a SNAC packet.
ServerSnacProcessor A server-side SNAC processor.
SnacCmdFactoryList Provides an interface for grouping a set of SNAC command factories into a list.
SnacPacketEvent An event fired when a SNAC packet is received on a SNAC processor.
SnacRequest Encapsulates a single outgoing SNAC request and its corresponding incoming responses.
SnacRequestAdapter Provides an empty implementation of SnacRequestListener.
SnacRequestSentEvent An event fired when an outgoing SNAC request is sent over a SNAC connection.
SnacRequestTimeoutEvent An event fired when a SNAC request "times out."
SnacResponseEvent An event fired when a SNAC packet is received in response to an outgoing SNAC request.

Package net.kano.joscar.snac Description

Provides a high-level interface for using SNACs over a FLAP connection.

Functionality includes a request-response system, SNAC packet queues and incoming packet listeners, and a framework for converting raw SNAC packet data into high-level SnacCommands and vice versa.