Package net.kano.joscar.flap

Provides a set of classes that comprise a low-level interface to OSCAR's FLAP protocol.


Interface Summary
FlapCommandFactory Provides an interface for deriving high-level FlapCommands from low-level FlapPackets.
FlapExceptionHandler Provides an interface for handling exceptions thrown during a FLAP connection.
FlapPacketListener Provides an interface for listening for incoming FLAP packets on a FlapProcessor.
VetoableFlapPacketListener Provides an interface for listening for -- and optionally halting further processing of -- FLAP packets received on a FlapProcessor.

Class Summary
ClientFlapConn A simpler interface to using an outgoing clientside FLAP connection.
FlapCommand Provides an interface to a FLAP command that contains FLAP data on a specific channel of a FLAP connection.
FlapExceptionEvent An event fired when an exception occurs during the FLAP processing process.
FlapPacket Represents a FLAP packet, containing a sequence number, channel, and FLAP data.
FlapPacketEvent An event fired when a FLAP packet is received on a FLAP connection.
FlapProcessor Represents a FLAP connection that manages an outgoing FLAP queue as well as parsing and processing incoming FLAP packets.

Exception Summary
FlapDataLengthException An exception thrown when the length of a FlapCommand's FLAP data is too long to send over the FLAP protocol.
InvalidFlapHeaderException An exception thrown when an invalid FLAP header is read.

Package net.kano.joscar.flap Description

Provides a set of classes that comprise a low-level interface to OSCAR's FLAP protocol.

For a slightly more high-level interface to parts of the protocol, see net.kano.joscar.flapcmd. For an interface to the SNAC subsystem of FLAP, see net.kano.joscar.snac.

See Also:
net.kano.joscar.flapcmd, net.kano.joscar.snac