Interface LiveWritable

All Known Subinterfaces:
MutableTlvChain, TlvChain, Writable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTlvChain, ByteBlock, CapabilityBlock, CertificateInfo, ChatMsg, ClientVersionInfo, DefaultMutableTlvChain, DirectImHeader, DirInfo, ExchangeInfo, ExtraInfoBlock, ExtraInfoBlockHolder, ExtraInfoData, FileSendBlock, FileTransferHeader, FileWritable, FlapPacket, FullRoomInfo, FullUserInfo, GetFileEntry, GetFileList, InfoData, InterestInfo, InvitationMessage, MiniRoomInfo, MiniUserInfo, MissedMsgInfo, ParamInfo, RateClassInfo, RvConnectionInfo, RvProxyPacket, SendBuddyListGroup, ShortCapabilityBlock, SnacFamilyInfo, SnacPacket, SsiItem, Tlv

public interface LiveWritable

Provides an interface for an object that can write itself in some form or another to a stream.

Method Summary
 void write( out)
          Writes a representation of this object to the given stream.

Method Detail


public void write( out)
Writes a representation of this object to the given stream.

out - the stream to which to write
Throws: - if an I/O error occurs